Michele Voris

Mompreneur in Colorado

Hi there 😁

Mompreneur Michele here - loving doing life as a business & lifestyle mentor!

My niche is helping those who want better overall health and wellness and to thrive in life.


🀍 Coaching & leading business-minded entrepreneurs, job seekers, individuals & companies for the past 26 years.

🀍 Helping over 1000 people earn money from wherever they are.

🀍 Gene activation, slowing down oxidative stress and aging along with all things health and wellness.

🀍 Learning! I am always expanding my knowledge!

My motto is be happy, healthy, wealthy and free to be your best self yet.

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Here are some highlights of my experience:

🀍 US Marine veteran.

🀍 Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors of Science specializing in Organizational Management & Human Resources.

🀍 Earned many awards, accreditations and certifications as a high-performer in Network Marketing.

🀍 Earned the highest performance award given by our Co-Founder / Billionaire in 2019. I was honored to be the first female to ever earn this award.

🀍 14-years experience as a Fortune 100 Top Recruiter/Manager.

🀍 Owner of a professional resume writing service since 1996.

🀍 Self-employed full-time since 2006 as the CEO/Managing Member of a Virtual Assistant Network and a Health & Wellness Enterprise.


Michele ❣️

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