Michele Voris

Mompreneur in Colorado

Hi there 😁

Mompreneur Michele here - loving doing life as a business & lifestyle mentor! My niche is helping those who want better health and wellness.


❣️ Coaching & leading business-minded entrepreneurs, job seekers, work-at-home individuals & companies for the past 26 years.


❣️ Helping over 1000 people earn money from their cell phones.

My motto is be happy, healthy, wealthy and free to be your best self yet.

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US Marine veteran.

Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors of Science specializing in Organizational Management & Human Resources.

Earned many awards, accreditations and certifications as a high-performer in Direct Sales for many years to include the highest performance award given by a Billionaire in 2019. I was honored to be the first female to ever earn this award.

Always expanding my knowledge: currently completing 3 advanced certifications in nutrition, results achievement and NLP.

14-years experience as a Fortune 100 Top Recruiter/Manager.

Self-employed full-time since 2006 as the CEO/Managing Member of:

Do Easy Life LLC (Health, Wealth and Choice Mentor)

Success Troops LLC (Virtual Assistant Network)


Michele ❣️

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