Michele Voris

Mompreneur in Colorado

Everything in my life has let up to being prepared for THIS moment in time. I am leaning into the gifts and talents that have been given to me.

Having an income, health and the ability to be happy and thrive everyday is a gift always but especially right now.

I am a happy, healthy, wealthy person who is free to be. Please keep reading, as this wasn't always the case. In fact, I was the unhappy, unhealthy (sickest person I knew), broke and certainly not free.

I help people improve health, reduce stress and feel amazing. We all have our own individual health journey. I have helped hundreds of people feel better, get off medications, rid weight, reduce inflammation and regain their life back!

I am the CEO Virtual Assistant Network based in Colorado but we serve clients all over the USA since 2007.

When I was a HR Manager & Recruiter, job seekers always asked me, "How do I work from home?" I wanted to figure it out too.

Since 1996, I have owned a nationwide resume writing service. I have written thousands of resumes for people needing a steady income.

99% of those people want to work at home too if they found the right thing.

Well, I cracked the code.

I have worked at home since 2007 and now I teach other people how to do this too!

So whether you need better health, more money, a resumé or an opportunity that can change your life - I have it and I can help.

Be happy, healthy, wealthy and free to be your best self yet.



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